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If you are here reading information on our website, you or someone you care about has been hurt. There’s been some kind of accident—in a car, at the local supermarket, or perhaps you have had an accident at work. Probably you called the insurance company but you have not heard anything back from them. Do you want results? To get rapid and effective results you need our help. We have the experience, a talented staff and a ruthless dedication to your well-being, both physically and financially. Fill out our quick fill form to start the ball rolling in your favor.


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I need medical treatment.
Who pays my bills?
Who pays for my car/rental?
Will my health insurance pay?
What about my time missed from work?

We are local and have been here for you since 1984. Call us for guidance.

Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Deirdre Frank have litigated personal injury and workers’ compensation cases on behalf of the injured since 1984. Since some of our clients remain off work for extended periods of time due to their disabilities, we also handle Social Security Disability claims. We are devoted to detail, personal attention and aggressive work up of each case.

Personal Injury

Pain trapped inside. Let us help.

Workers’ Compensation

Red tape nightmare. Let us help.
Social Security Disability
When the whole of the parts don’t work. Let us help.


Wrongful Death

Confidential v City and Tree Trimming Co.

confidential v. property owner

confidential v. property owner/management company

Workers' Compensation Claim

Confidential v. City & State

Personal Injury Ventura

Consultations are always free and cases are always accepted on a contingency fee basis. Our staff has been with us for many years and we work well as a team to provide you with the most effective representation in Ventura County.