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At The Law Offices Of Deirdre Frank, We Are Experts In Handling Your Personal Injury Case.

Let us help you:

  • Establish your claim with the insurance company
  • Discover all the facts and sources of recovery
  • Document all economic loss
  • Ensure that your medical bills and health insurance issues are handled correctly
  • Prepare the strongest possible case for your arbitration/trial to maximize the settlement in your favor
  • Obtain the best monetary settlement possible

In Ventura County, The “Fast Track” Rules Require That A Case Be Ready For Trial Within One Year From The Date It Is Filed.

With regard to your Workers’ Compensation Case, we help:

  • Protect your rights against the insurance company
  • Ensure your benefits are paid in a timely fashion
  • Assist in obtaining appropriate medical care
  • Return to work through rehabilitation

Remember, the insurance companies train their employees to respond to your claim with a specific perspective and agenda that does not always place your needs first or completely. You must have expert assistance on your side. Do you know if you have a case? Find out, submit your information to us via the simple Quick-Fill form. We respond as quickly as possible with answers to your questions and the guidance you need most now.
Remember our answer is free and our initial consultations are always complimentary.

Our Fees are Simple To Understand
All our cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis

This means we take a percentage of the recovery at the end of the case
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Personal Injury Ventura

Consultations are always free and cases are always accepted on a contingency fee basis. Our staff has been with us for many years and we work well as a team to provide you with the most effective representation in Ventura County.