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Every Case Is Different

Every Case Is Different

Just as life changes from moment to moment, your case is unique and requires careful attention to detail at every step of the way. At The Law Offices of Deirdre Frank, you receive superb representation from seasoned attorneys to ensure the highest recovery possible.

Our Fees are Simple To Understand
All our cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis
This means we take a percentage of the recovery at the end of the case

In some types of cases attorneys are willing to handle matters on a “contingency basis”. In such a case you do not pay legal fees unless and until you win, and then the lawyer receives a percentage of your recovery as his or her fee. If you lose your case, there would be no legal fee at all for the lawyer.

A contingency fee arrangement is a method that allows many individuals who have been injured or seeking damages, such as those resulting from an auto accident or a medical malpractice case, to obtain legal representation even if they do not have money to pay a lawyer at the outset of a case.

As a general rule, accident and personal injury litigation is frequently handled on a contingency basis, commercial disputes rarely are, and criminal matters almost never are.

Personal Injury Ventura

Consultations are always free and cases are always accepted on a contingency fee basis. Our staff has been with us for many years and we work well as a team to provide you with the most effective representation in Ventura County.